Improved Access Clinics

Improving access clinics are funded by the Improved Access Fund to help with appointment availability. The clinics are staffed by experienced local GPs and locum GP’s and Clinics are open every day of the week, including Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays. Evening appointments are also available.

How do I access a clinic?

Ring your GP practice as normal on 01386 841894. A receptionist will take some brief details of your medical problem and offer an appointment if this would be suitable for you. You may also be offered an appointment if you attend a Minor Injury & Illness Unit at a community hospital.

What sort of problems are suitable for improving access clinics?

The clinics are suitable for people with medical problems that are new – such as tonsillitis – or that have got worse, for example someone with COPD (also known as emphysema) who may have a chest infection that needs treating quickly. Routine appointments are also offered for some on-going medical problems.

Are there problems that are not suitable for these clinics?

When you ring your GP surgery, the receptionist who speaks to you will be able to advise whether this is suitable for you.

Do improved access clinics have access to my medical records?

Yes but you will need to provide verbal consent for the doctor to access your notes.

Does my own GP know what has happened at my appointment?

Yes a record of the appointment will be available in your notes.