Accessing Urgent Dental Care during the August Bank Holiday Weekend

If you have an urgent dental problem, during the August Bank Holiday Period (Saturday, Sunday and Monday), there are two ways to get some help depending on whether you have a regular dentist or not.

If you have a regular dentist you should initially make contact by telephone, you will be directed to the most appropriate service.

If you do not have a regular dentist please use the telephone numbers below for your area.

Patients should NOT attend at Practice or Service unless you have an appointment to attend.

Call 03330 063300

Call 0333 405 0290

Call 0300 123 7691

Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire
Call 111

Call 111

Call NHS 111

Call NHS 111

Swindon & Wiltshire
0900 -1700 Monday – Friday
Call 0345 758 1926

OOH (Evenings and Weekends)
Call NHS 111