Campden Surgery Newsflash November 2021

New surgery premises

We are pleased to have received approval from our Clinical Commissioning Group to explore ways we can expand the Chipping Campden Surgery premises capacity. This means we can look at moving to a new larger building as well as other options.  Any plans are subject to consultation with our patients and the wider community – we will want to hear views and will be consulting with patients over the next few months.

Gloucestershire County Council have been working with the Chipping Campden School on proposals to improve school parking and access. It may well be possible for us to acquire a site for a new surgery as part of those proposals. The Council and School will be putting forward some outline plans in mid-November and there is further detail on this elsewhere in this Bulletin. We will provide more detail on our consultation and the various options in mid- November.

Flu and Covid booster Vaccine Programmes

These vaccine programmes are progressing, with patients being contacted by the North Cotswold Vaccine hub approximately 6 months after their 2nd vaccine to offer the booster vaccine.  Immunosuppressed patients identified by their secondary care consultant are also being invited for a 3rd primary covid vaccine and will be recalled for a booster 6 months after this.  Covid vaccines can be given together with the flu vaccine so patients are offered their flu vaccine at the same time.  There are also separate flu vaccine clinics which can be booked by those patients who are eligible.   The number for the hub for any queries is 01608 692115.  We have invited all children aged 2 (on or after 31 8 2021) and 3 and under 18’s at risk for their child flu vaccines at the surgery.   Other children’s vaccines are being delivered at schools and the Child health team.

Blood test bottle shortage

This is in the process of being resolved and we have now contacted all of the patients on our waiting list to book in for their routine blood tests.

Masks and face coverings in NHS premises

Can we please remind patients that masks should still be worn inside the surgery building, including when visiting the surgery to speak to the reception and dispensary departments.  We have many vulnerable patients attending the surgery, patients attending for ante-natal and mental health appointments and patients undergoing cancer treatment therapy, routine chronic disease reviews, along with patients with acute illnesses such as flu/coughs/colds/other infections.  As we have a limited waiting area and building space, it is important that patients continue to wear masks to keep other patients and our staff safe.

Challenging times

We are seeing higher numbers of staff absences due to covid and the other illnesses now circulating and are doing our best to manage the situation.  We apologise to any patients who are needing to have appointments rearranged and we are prioritising NHS work over private work (such as medical examinations).  Locum GP’s are in very short supply both locally and nationally and we are booking cover where we are able to.

We are currently seeing approximately 65% of our patients in face to face appointments and this is increasing.  However, due to the overall volume of workload increasing – the CCG figures show a 20% increase since 2019 – we are still needing to use GP telephone triage initially in order to ensure that the most urgent patients are prioritised and seen when they need to be.  We are open and still here for you.

We thank all of our patients for their understanding and support during these ongoing difficult times.