Surgery Newsletter September 2022

GP Workload

At our surgery, we have around 0.6 whole time equivalent fully qualified GP’s per 1000 patients.  Nationally there are 0.45 WTE fully qualified GP’s per 1000 patient population, which is a reduction from 0.52 WTE in September 2015.  The British Medical Association recommend a safe level of patient contacts per day at not more than 25 contacts to deliver safe care.  Along with most other practitioners across the country, our GP’s consult at levels significantly higher than this.  Other industries have defined safe limits to avoid mistakes made due to fatigue.  We, as a practice, have invested as much money as our NHS budget allows in our services. However, demand for our services is frequently higher than our clinical capacity.  This was also the case before the pandemic but has increased further during the pandemic. We feel strongly that our clinicians should be able to work to provide safe care within the advised safe limits and, therefore, support the national campaign for long term investment in increasing the workforce of the NHS.

Green Impact Award

Whilst the NHS has made a net zero carbon footprint commitment, Campden Surgery is endeavouring to contribute by reducing its own impact. We have joined a scheme called ‘Green Impact for Health Toolkit for General Practice’ and over the next few months, we will be introducing some new initiatives to improve and generate interest in sustainability and raise awareness of climate change. Look out for some posters dotted about the surgery, for example, you may find the information about inhalers interesting.

Cotswold Community Well Being Service

In order to provide holistic care and support to patients, there is a Social Prescribing team available to you at Chipping Campden Surgery which is commissioned by the NHS.  Social Prescribers are here to listen and to ask, “What matters to you?”.  Over a series of conversations, we can help individuals to navigate their way through challenges that are affecting their wellbeing. We provide one-to-one support and signposting; connecting people to groups, activities and support in their communities.  Please enquire at reception if you would like us to arrange a referral or self-refer via the website Community Wellbeing Service (, telephone 07738 106384 or email

Veteran friendly GP practice accreditation

We have signed up to this programme which supports general practice to deliver the best possible care and treatment for patients who have served in the armed forces. We look forward to sharing more information with our patients as we progress this.